Series :
Wi-Fi module WT8266-DK
Name :
WT8266-DK WiFi Module Development Kit for WT8266-S1&WT8266-S2
wifi development kit WT8266-DK V2 for WT8266-S1&WT8266-S2

WT8266-DK V2_schematic.pdf 2017-07-25
WT8266-DK WiFi user manual V2.0.pdf 2017-07-25


     Wireless-Tag  provides specialized UART_WiFi functional test board (WT8266-DK V2)to test the Wi-Fi modules (WT8266-S1&WT8266-S2) . The test board can simulate serial devices to access WiFi network and implement the data transmission, meanwhile it can simulate WT8266-S1/S2 working as the main control chip to access data of other devices and control


> WiFi Module Development Kit for WT8266-S1/S2

> Operating Voltage: 3.3V

> Operating Temperature:-40 - 85°C

Note: This new DK is a replacement for WT8266-DK. To use it, pls refer to the user manual of WT8266-DK and the attached schematic documents of the two tools.