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WT801 868MHz/915MHz Low power with long range RF module with UART interface
WT801 is a new generation of multi-channel embedded RF transceiver module. It has multiple channels with 1 kHz step, and the biggest RF power is 100mw with small size (34.5 mm x 20 mm x 6.0 mm). The module has low power consumption being suitable for battery power supply system.


        WT801 is a highly integrated low-power half-`duplex RF transceiver module embedding high-speed low-power MCU and high-performance RF chip with LORA modem which is capable of achieving significant longer range than existing RF transceiver based on FSK or OOK modulation. WT801 module provides multiple channel choices, and then users could modify the serial port rate, transmission power, radio frequency and other parameters online.

This module uses LoRa modem to improve the sensitivity up to -137dBm, significantly extending the transmission distance under a low power. So there is no need for repeater and complex communication infrastructure. Due to the transmission distance increasing, users could significantly reduce the usage of repeater, simplify the system design and reduce the production cost.

WT801 module supplies the voltage 2.6-3.6 V with consuming only 13 mA at the receiving mode. WT801 module has four working modes and each one could be switched free. Under the power saving mode, the module consumption is only 1.3uA. The lithium battery with 3.6 V / 3.6 AH could work for several years, which is very suitable for a battery-powered system.


Single needle interface

LoRa modem

Max TX current 120mA@20dBm

Transmission distance > 5000 m

Frequency 862MHz to 1020MHz

High sensitivity up to -137dBm

Maximum transmission power 20dBm

Low sleep current 1.3uA

Receiving mode current 13mA

Super small size 34.5mm*20mm*6mm


Wireless water/heat/gas meter reading

Wireless sensor

Intelligent instrument and meter

Intelligent lighting control

Auto data collection

Remote control and sensing

Communication in highway and railway

Smart building and security

Robot controlPower distribution network monitoring,

Power system monitoring

Wireless warehousing, logistics management

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